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What to do after a car accident

Being involved in an automobile accident can be one of the scariest experiences any driver encounters. With 5.25 million accidents every year in the United States alone, it is probable that most drivers will have an accident at some time in their driving career. Whether it is a minor fender-bender, or a major collision, there are several steps to take to ensure the best possible outcome for your vehicle.Stop immediately. In California, failure to stop at any kind of accident is considered a hit and run and can lead to fines or jail time.Move to safety. If it is a minor accident, move out of the path of traffic for safety while you exchange information with the other driver. If the accident involves a serious injury, do not attempt to move, instead wait for the authorities.

Take responsibility. If you injure a pet, attempt to find the owner or make a report to animal control. If you hit a parked car, try to find the owner or leave your name and insurance information for the owner.

Make reports. If there is more than $750 in damage, you must report the accident to the DMV. For any accident you need to report it to your insurance agent as soon as you are able.

Once you have gotten past the initial shock of being involved in an accident, the process of getting your car repaired can be intimidating. To make the process as easy and painless as possible, rely upon a trusted business such as Da-Les Auto Body who has been in business for over thirty-five years. The repair process for most cars involves several steps which you can see in greater detail on the Da-Les Website under the Repair Process tab. The basic steps are:

1. Get an estimate.  Da-Les never charges for an estimate, and our experience means that the price we quote will be accurate and as fair as possible.

2. Get approval. Once you are ready to go forward with repairs, make sure you get approval from your insurance agent before authorizing the work to begin. When deciding which auto repair shop to choose to make the repairs on your vehicle be sure to consider more than just price. A cheap estimate can cost thousands in additional repairs if the work is not done correctly the first time. Make sure you choose a repair facility with a high customer service rating to make sure the work is done properly the first time. Da-Les Auto Body has been recognized by the Consumer Business Review as the number one collision repair facility in the Sunnyvale-Mountain View area. Don’t trust your vehicle to anyone less than the best repair facility.

3. Let us do what we do best. Once you turn your car over to Da-Les for repair, your worries are over. We will disassemble the damaged parts of your vehicle and order new parts immediately. With our vast network of suppliers, we can usually receive parts and begin work on your car within twenty-four hours. Our technicians will make sure the structure of your car is sound, and replace damaged parts with new parts quickly and accurately. Our paint technicians are masters at matching new and old, and will make sure that the paint job of your repaired vehicle is seamless. Before we return the car to you it is polished, washed and waxed for a showroom-new look.

4. Drive it home. Before we hand you the keys, a Da-Les technician will complete a quality inspection to make sure your car is not only beautiful, but also safe and repaired perfectly. When we approve the work, we call you immediately to come and pick up your finished vehicle. We know how essential your car is to your life and we do everything we can to get it back to you as soon as it is finished.

Do you still have questions? Da-Les wants to make sure that you understand the repair process and are completely comfortable with every step. If you have questions, you can find the answers to many of them on the Da-Les Website under the F.A.Q. tab. You can also chat with a live operator on our website during most business hours. Simply log on and look for the chat window to appear.

While having an auto accident can be a scary experience, having experts to trust to help you get through the repair process can make it as painless as possible. We have been helping people navigate this process for thirty-five years and we are proud to be here to help you too.


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