Welcome to Sunnyvale LinkedIn

As social media giant LinkedIn prepares to transfer some of its facilities from Mountain View to Sunnyvale, Da-Les Auto Body would like to be the first of its new neighbors to officially welcome it. The new LinkedIn complex will be located at 555 Matilda Avenue, just a block from the Da-Les shop location at 726 San Aleso Avenue. Since the new LinkedIn offices will be very near the Sunnyvale location the Da-Les shop has occupied for the last 35 years, it’s a great time to introduce our neighbors to the Sunnyvale community.LinkedIn has been serving the global business community since 2002, when it first went online. For nine years it remained privately owned before going public in 2011. Today, LinkedIn plays host to more than 225 million members globally, offering professional networking to everyone from attorneys to doctors to freelance authors. Because of LinkedIn’s impressive reach, it has become one of the hottest social media franchises around, allowing members to post profiles and link to their websites and blogs, much like Facebook. As of last August, LinkedIn was reporting nearly unprecedented growth, with a new professional member signing up every two seconds around the clock.Because LinkedIn enjoys such a high profile and large staff for a relatively small company, their entree into the Sunnyvale community signals a bold new era in Sunnyvale’s history. Perhaps the most exciting part of LinkedIn choosing Sunnyvale for its new location is the much-anticipated rumored transfer of its headquarters from Mountain View to Sunnyvale that may be following behind it. This could herald a large cash infusion into the area, as well as being of benefit to both companies and individuals in the area in the form of more business and more jobs to go around.

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LinkedIn began in late 2002 when a group of former staffers from SocialNet and PayPal came together under the leadership of Reid Hoffman to explore a new vision of a social media network designed specifically by and for professionals. Although initial growth was slow, with only about 20 subscriptions a day when it launched in March 2003, LinkedIn quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the social media arena, attracting investors and users at an astonishing rate. By 2004, the company had already posted over 500,000 users and established itself as the number-one professional social media in the world. By October of 2005, LinkedIn had achieved an astonishing one million members worldwide.

With so much growth, LinkedIn expanded its physical presence into other states, opening the first customer service center in Omaha, Nebraska in 2007. In 2008, the first international office was opened in London and the company added French and Spanish to its language offerings for users. While many other social media platforms hit a plateau around this time, LinkedIn continued to grow. By the last quarter of 2008, LinkedIn had a user base of well over 20 million.

In 2009, as LinkedIn’s growth exploded to over 53 million, Reid stepped aside as CEO to focus on product development. Jeff Weiner, a former Yahoo executive, stepped into the slot to help LinkedIn continue to grow and craft a new vision for the company. The change demonstrated clear benefits for LinkedIn as the company swelled to over 1,000 employees servicing an astounding 90 million users around the globe by 2010. This gave LinkedIn a platform for offering new services and new interactivity options for its users, giving the social media network the last word in professional social media networking.

Today, LinkedIn employs over 3,000 people globally and serves over 225 million members. The retooled, rebuilt LinkedIn site that was established in 2010 has proven to be simpler and far more popular than the original, fueling an ever more surprising expansion. It is hoped that this expansion will continue and that Sunnyvale will become the epicenter for LinkedIn’s current and future operations.

As good neighbors and as service providers, Da-Les Auto Body takes great pleasure in welcoming LinkedIn to our community. It is our hope that LinkedIn’s employees and corporate personnel will find Sunnyvale not only welcoming and friendly, but easy to work with and a good home for their current and future operations. We would also like to invite LinkedIn employees to come by and see us for their auto body and other repair needs. With 35 years of experience in one place, we look forward to getting to know all of you and helping you out any way we possibly can.

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