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Offering great service to our clients has always meant more to us than simply getting the job done right. We’ve also learned that keeping up with the latest and greatest auto technology out there is an essential part of making sure we give the best possible service. It’s a philosophy that has served Da-Les Auto Body well since 1975 and made us one of the top rated auto body repair shops in the Sunnyvale area, and coming into our next 40 years we don’t see any reason to change it. Here are just some of the services we offer our clients every time, and why our clients keep coming back!

Free, Accurate Auto Body Estimates

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After 40 years in the business, we usually have a pretty good idea of how much it’s going to take to repair your vehicle. We start with a thorough inspection of the areas that were directly affected by the accident, as well as other possible damage points such as the frame and crucial safety or operating components like the engine and brakes. Once we’ve determined what does and doesn’t need attention, we provide an estimate to you and your insurance company, to help get your claim under way.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Being in an accident is bad enough, and being short a vehicle while your car is fixed is even worse. For some people, the claims process can feel like an intolerable burden on top of all this. That’s why we at Da-Les Auto Body are committed to helping you get your claim filed with your insurance company. We know how to get your claim in quickly and correctly, to minimize turnaround time and possible problems with getting your claim approved.


24-Hour Towing and Rental Car Assistance

Being without a car is no fun at the best of times. Whether you use your vehicle to get to and from school, on the road as part of your job or getting your family to and from all the places they need to be throughout the day and night, having your car in the shop can create all kinds of hassles. We have families and lives too, and we think being in an accident shouldn’t slow you down, which is why we offer 24-hour tow truck service to get your vehicle into the shop as well as rental car assistance while we’re working on your vehicle!

Body Repair

Did you know that ugly dent on your front quarter panel could also have caused additional damage? Not all damage from an accident can be detected by visual inspection, but even minor deviations from factory specifications could result in an unsafe car. That’s why one of the first things we do is inspect the vehicle both visually and using specialized equipment to assess the damage and make sure everything is restored to original condition.

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As part of the repair process, we measure your vehicle using a specialized laser scanner which offers precision to the nearest millimeter. By doing this, we can catch any misalignment, twisting or buckling in the frame before it gets any worse.

Brakes and Suspension

After an accident, it is entirely possible your wheels may be knocked out of alignment, your brakes could be damaged or the suspension might not be working correctly. While this may not seem like a big deal when your passenger-side door has been ripped off its hinges by a semi truck, driving your vehicle without the steering, suspension and brake systems in perfect working order can lead to bigger problems down the road.


Our computerized paint matching system allows us to duplicate your paint job precisely, from basic factory white to exotic custom paint jobs. We always test the paint we apply in an inconspicuous location first, to make doubly certain it looks exactly like it should. The entire point of bringing your vehicle to a repair shop is so it will look like it was never in an accident, so we’re very careful to ensure your paint job doesn’t give it away!


We stand behind our work, from the original manufacturer’s parts we use to the tolerances to which we torque down your lug nuts at the end of the repair process. Our lifetime warranty is one of the best in the industry, and lets you drive with complete confidence in our work.

Da-Les Auto Body has built our reputation on giving great service from the moment your vehicle arrives until we hand over the keys when the job’s done. We also advocate safety programs such as “Avoid The Text To Avoid The Wreck” and back-to-school safety inspections of key components to help prevent common problems that could lead to accidents. For more information or to schedule your appointment, call, click, or come by our Sunnyvale Auto Body Shop location!

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop