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Offering Auto Body Services to the City of Mountain View


   The history of Mountain View


Located in the absolute heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California, has transformed from a sleepy little town to a bustling technology hub over the past thirty five years. Early in the 20th century Mountain View and nearby Sunnyvale were known mostly as farm towns, with the majority of the region’s economy centering around agriculture. All of that changed in 1956 when William Shockley started the first silicon semiconductor company that gave the area its new name, Silicon Valley.

Before technology came to Mountain View, the city had a pioneer history that mirrors hundreds of other California cities. In the 1700’s Spanish missionaries and explorers landed in the bay near present day Mountain View and found native Ohlone Indians living in the area. In 1777 the Santa Clara Mission was founded which started the organization of the city we know today. A large Spanish land grant was given to Francisco Estrada and this original land grand became the basis for the cities of Sunnyvale and Mountain View.
After gold was found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1849 and influx of Easterners found their way to Mountain View, aided by the new stagecoach line that came to town in the 1850s. The name Mountain View was given to the area by shopkeeper Jacob Shumway sometime around this time period.
Population in Mountain View grew steadily throughout the twentieth century. The building of Moffett Field brought a military presence to the area, and Mountain View was a leader in aerospace engineering during and immediately after WWII. Giant blimp hangars from WWII still remain popular tourist attractions in the Moffett Field area.
In the 1950’s America’s fascination with cars arrived in Mountain View bringing car culture to the area. New freeways such as the 101 made it practical for Californians to drive more easily throughout the state. From the cars with fins and chrome of the 1950s grew a love of fine cars that is still found in Mountain View’s residents today.Auto paint 2008 bmw
Mountain View would have remained a sleepy little California town if it were not for two local boys building computer circuit boards in their garage. In 1975 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak effectively started Apple Computers. Building on the reputation of William Shockley’s silicon semiconductors this new start up company changed the face of the area forever. Now Mountain View truly was the heart of a “Silicon Valley.”
Around the time Apple Computers was getting its start, another little business near  Mountain View was founded, also building on the car culture in the area. Da-Les Auto Body was born just as Silicon Valley was beginning to become a technological giant. Da-Les Auto Body has served the city of Sunnyvale and neighboring cities and its changing population for over thirty-five years; changing with the city to serve the needs of the residents of the area. Of course, thirty-five years ago things were much different in Mountain View which was still  very much small town America. Housing prices were low, jobs were plentiful, and Mountain View was an idyllic place to raise a family. As more and more high tech firms have moved to the area they have brought with them a new benefits and challenges to the area. Housing prices have skyrocketed, and families have to look farther out from the city to find affordable starter homes. Technology money has invested in new infrastructure in the city and brought tax revenue that has built new public buildings and enhancements to the community.
Of course today everyone knows Mountain View as the headquarters of one of the largest technology companies in America, Google. Many other large tech companies also make the area their home, from Linkedin to Mozilla and hundreds of other small tech start ups. Though the technology companies have brought new wealth and energy to Mountain View one thing has never changed and that is the quality of life in Mountain View. Another thing that has never changed is the Da-Les Auto Body Shop. As Mountain View has grown, Da-Les has remained a consistent presence in the area. From fixing a teenagers first fender bender, to doing repairs on the luxury vehicles of the heads of the local technology firms, Da-Les has always served all the car repair needs of the residents of Mountain View.
The next thirty-five years in Mountain View are sure to bring even more changes to the area’s people and economy. Though nothing ever stays the same in Mountain View, one thing will not change, and that is the commitment of local businesses such as Da-Les Auto Body to serve the people of Silicon Valley.

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