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Offering a Lifetime Warranty On Repairs for Over Two Decades

In nearly forty years in the Auto Body Repair business, we at Da-Les Auto Body have learned a number of important lessons. Maybe the most important is that great customer service and satisfaction take more than a shiny new coat of paint and a fast turnaround time. We believe in giving our clients more for their money while still maintaining high standards and prompt service. Because of this, we’re proud to say we were among the first in the business to give a lifetime warranty on our work. We did this because we stand behind our work and have utmost confidence that our clients will love it as well.

A warranty is different than a guarantee, but many people don’t know the difference. A guarantee means that the work done will not break, chip, rust, or otherwise be damaged during the lifetime of the vehicle and/or part regardless of use. A warranty means that the work done will not be compromised because of anything we did or failed to do for the life of the work or as long as you own your vehicle. The difference is that a guarantee says “This will never happen under any circumstances!” A warranty, on the other hand, says “We brought your vehicle back to pre-accident condition, and the repairs we performed are covered for as long as you own your car.”
We warrant our repairs to be free from defects in the metal fabrication, attachment, priming, and painting. We also cover pin striping or decal replacement, when and where appropriate. Our warranty covers any mechanical damages that relate directly to the accident or incident in which the vehicle was originally damaged. This means if we replace your fan motor after an accident and it doesn’t work as advertised, we’ll fix it.
One of the best parts of our warranty governs the parts we use. We use only top-quality parts. You’ll always be assured that we install o.e.m. (original equipment manufacturer)  parts. We have direct contacts with every automotive parts supplier so that we can make the repairs right the first time. It’s just one more way we show our ongoing commitment to keeping you on the road and looking good while you’re there!

Warranties are intended for the protection of our customers and us, so everyone knows going in what is and isn’t covered, why, and what options and recourse everyone has available to them in the event warranted repairs don’t perform like they’re supposed to. They are also helpful in laying out what our clients and friends can expect from our work, and what we expect of ourselves as a leader in the auto body restoration and repair business. Nearly forty years in the business has taught us that being upfront and straightforward about what goes into your vehicle is the best way to show our commitment to quality service, parts, and paint.

Some people ask if an estimate is a warranty. The answer is, no. An estimate says, “This is what we figure the cost of the parts and labor to repair your vehicle and restore it to prime condition will be.” We can’t warrant repairs or parts if we haven’t done or installed them yet! A warranty is given after the work is done and before the vehicle is released, so you know what’s covered, for how long, and what isn’t.

We want our clients at Da-Les to be happy and satisfied every time.  We explain upfront what’s covered. Our clients are happy right from the start. It’s this care and attention to detail that has made Da-Les Auto Body pioneers of the auto body lifetime warranty and leaders in the Northern California Auto Body Repair and restoration business. Let us put our experience and quality to work for you when you need auto repairs you can depend on, the way we’ve been doing since 1976!

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop