Fixing Your Car The Right Way

It is 4:30 am when the phone starts ringing. Upon answering, a voice identifies its owner as a police officer and asks what kind of car you drive and where it is. Wide awake now, you answer the questions and immediately go into panic mode. The officer then asks you to come outside because your car has been in an accident. Outside, you see your car has been damaged and the driver’s side tire is bent to the point that it sits under the car, still attached to the axle. The driver’s side headlight has popped out and hangs by cables while broken glass drops from the destroyed cover. This is the time to call for expert collision repair.

Anyone who has ever had to go without their vehicle for a long period of time knows how important the car is to life in today’s society. Depending on others to get transportation from one place to the other puts a heavy burden on the driver and does not fit well with a busy schedule. The alternative may be to rent a car, but rental cars are expensive, leaving those without insurance to suffer from a lack of transportation as well as a diminishing wallet. Even those with insurance must take into consideration that the rental costs will only be covered for a short amount of time, and some insurance companies may only offer to pay for a fraction of the rental fees. Da-Les Auto Body is different among other prominent Auto body Shops, as they offer free rental cars with most repairs.

Time is critical when getting a car repaired after an accident. Because a lot of people depend on their car to get to where they need to be, having a damaged vehicle towed to a good auto body and repair shop like De-Las Auto Body right away is a necessity. Putting off repairs, in fact, can cause more even more inconvenience to one’s situation, as more damage to the car can occur if it is left to sit.

The cost of the car is a huge investment for anyone, and protecting that investment is a priority. For some, the car is the largest expense they will ever have. For others, the car comes in second to a house. If the house burns or there is a flood, homeowners typically have the repairs done right away so that no more damage is incurred and so they will be able to live in their home again. The same should hold true for the car. It is important to bring a damaged car in for repair at a certified, professional collision repair shop immediately.

After an accident, the car needs to be placed on a diagnostic machine to check for exhaust leaks and other engine problems that can go undetected without the right equipment. The brakes, axels, and all the fluid lines have to be inspected. Loose or leaky lines can cause brake failure, steering failure, or ruin the transmission. Professional repairs come with a warranty. Standard warranties offer six months for parts and three months for labor. Front yard mechanics cannot offer warranties nor can they guarantee their work. Da-Les Auto Body has a industry leading lifetime warranty on all the repairs they perform.

Even for minor accident repairs, one should take the car to a professional certified repair shop. The trade in and resale value of the car will drop significantly if the repair is badly done. Off-colored panels or mismatched paint will make dealers offer a much lower price than a quality job that is undetectable. Even the damage described above can be repaired to pre-accident condition by a good auto body repair shop. The price is substantial, but if the vehicle is not totaled, insurance will only pay for repairs done by a certified collision repair professional.

Only a certified mechanic or an insurance repair specialist can declare the car a total loss. In the case of a total loss, the other driver’s insurance company must pay the Blue Book value of the car. A car, for example, may be valued at $6300, with the repairs costing $5200 that the insurance would pay. After having repairs made by a professional auto body repair shop, the trade in value would be around $6100. Otherwise, the value of the car is reduced to what a junkyard owner feels he can get for the undamaged parts left on the car.

There are around 6,470,000 automobile accidents in the United States every year. 2.9 million people are injured and the death toll per year is approximately 42,636 people. AAA alone helps 8000 car owners a year find the collision repair shop that is best for them, and those who are approved are able to work with AAA auto insurance.

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop