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Da-Les Auto Body upgrades Mobile Site

The landscape of technology is always changing, and we at Da-Les have learned that to stay competitive, we have to stay in step with the latest trends and advances. From the paint application methods we use to the means by which we keep you informed of the status of your vehicle’s repairs, we pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date technology. With today’s busy lifestyle, who has time to call in to find out when their vehicle will be fixed? Generally, nobody has that kind of time anymore, prompting us to look to mobile tech for the solution to keeping clients in touch at their convenience.

With the proliferation of smart devices and the increased usage of mobile Internet access, having a mobile site that works with the latest technology can make or break a business. At our clients’ request, we have invested in an updated mobile website with the latest in encryption and security technology as well as some applications not commonly applied to the auto repair market right now. Our feeling on this is that it’s better to be a trendsetter than a trend follower, and we know our clients will appreciate the extra effort and care we take to make sure they know what’s going on with their vehicle.

This raises the question, “What is the Da-Les repair process, and how does the mobile app work with it?” We’re glad you asked, because we offer one of the most comprehensive repair processes around to make sure your vehicle looks just like it did before the accident.

Starting a estimate

We start with an estimate of the damages and how much it will cost to repair them, and work with your insurance company to get approval for the repairs. Then we disassemble the vehicle after you authorize the repairs and get started ordering any parts we may need. Usually we can get these within 24 hours, reducing turnaround and making the repair process more efficient. While we’re waiting for any parts that aren’t on hand, we start the structural repair process using laser-guided frame measuring to aid the restoration. Once the structural components are fixed, we turn our attention to repairing the body.

Now it’s time for paint. We use innovative color matching and paint application hardware and software to make sure your car looks exactly like you bought it from the dealer and ensure your vehicle looks good as new. After the individual components are painted, we reassemble the vehicle, taking the utmost care and caution during the process so the freshly painted panels aren’t marred, scratched or dinged. A detailed cleaning and polishing of the vehicle is the final step, so you drive out in a vehicle that looks and performs just as well as it did before the wreck. After a final quality control inspection to make sure everything is absolutely perfect, the vehicle is ready for pickup at your convenience.

The mobile app is great for letting our clients know when their vehicles are ready, but it also helps keep you advised of potential problems in the process. Some of these may include delays in insurance processing, backordered parts, or damages that exceed the initial estimate. Even with the best and most highly skilled body technicians and mechanics, sometimes damage from an accident may not show up until later in the process. If it’s going to be a problem or cause delays, we can make sure you and your insurance company are aware right away through the app. However, such problems are relatively rare.

At Da-Les, we believe in old-fashioned service delivered through the latest technology and techniques. Our new mobile site and downloadable app are just extensions of that same commitment to giving our clients quality the first time, every time. Come see the Da-Les difference for yourself!

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop