Da-Les Auto Body: The Best in Sunnyvale for 34 Years

The start of a new year is reason for celebration, family time, and excitement. But unfortunately, at this very same time of year occurs one of the worst seasons for auto accidents, winter. Poor weather on the road and associated driving conditions account for approximately one-quarter of all vehicle accidents in the United States. Even in regions of the country not affected by severe winter weather, the risk of accidents can increase as people flood in from colder states.

When auto accidents occur, what once were shiny, new cars straight off the showroom floor are now in need of auto body attention. After the dust settles, car owners are left to pick up the pieces, call their insurance companies, and arrange for their vehicles to be towed away and repaired. However, all auto body shops are not created equal. A few set themselves apart with excellent service, convenient hours, and customer guarantees. If you are in the greater Sunnyvale region  you are only minutes away from such a place.

With thirty years’ experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Da-Les Auto Body is your source for all things collision repair. From painting and detailing to parts replacement, insurance negotiations, rental cars, and towing, Da-Les Auto Body and their team of skilled partners will have you back on the road as soon as possible. Consider the following scenario.

Suppose Gary was driving his 2005 Dodge Ram down Interstate 280 at 55 miles an hour when a car suddenly slams on its brakes in front of him. Although Gary is not hurt, his truck has sustained significant damage. The radiator has been rendered useless, the frame is twisted, and the front axle is partially bent. Instead of wrangling with the problem himself, Gary phones a representative from Da-Les Auto Body who directs him to have his truck towed into the shop. Once Gary’s truck reaches the shop, it is examined by a damage estimator from Da-Les Auto who prices the repair costs at $7,500.

Da-Les Auto Body Inc

As soon as Gary gives his approval to the repairs and obtains the necessary agreement of his insurance agency, Da-Les Auto technicians remove the damaged bumper and side panels, windshield, radiator, and other damaged parts. A parts expert from Da-Les Auto Body phones the local Dodge dealer who places an order for a new grille, radiator, hood, and other parts. Once these items arrive, Da-Les Auto Body employees finish straightening the frame and proceed to replace the damaged radiator. Next, the side panels are painted to match the rest of the body of the vehicle. Lastly, the technicians replace the side panels, bumper, hood, grille, and windshield before buffing the vehicle to a high shine and presenting it to its owner.

Da-Les Auto Body is truly your one stop for quality collision repair, no matter the make, model, or year. But Da-Les provides an additional benefit to customers, one that affects the health of us all. Unlike some businesses which perform professional service at the expense of the environment, Da-Les Auto Body prides itself on its commitment to environmentally friendly processes. Da-Les is a member of the Green Certified Investment, an organization composed solely of companies that are committed to conducting business sustainably. To be certified as such, Da-Les Auto Body has proved not only that it is containing air pollutants such as paint vapors, but that it is also properly disposing of hazardous waste, using energy efficient fixtures in its facilities, and reporting its output of greenhouse gases.

If you are looking for a Sunnyvale auto body shop, there is no one else to call other than Da-Les Auto Body. Open six days a week from 8 to 5:30 and 9 to 1 on Saturday, Da-Les Auto Body will get you back on the road in no time. To further increase customer service, Da-Les Auto Body has partnered with local towing companies and rental car agencies to get your damaged vehicle into the shop and get you on the road in a replacement while your original vehicle is being repaired. And after repairs are completed, you will have the reassurance of a full lifetime warranty offered exclusively by Da-Les Auto Body.

So if your car has had a bad day, give the folks at Da-Les Auto Body a call at 408-734-3100, and let them show you why 34 years and countless auto body repairs later, they are your only choice for Sunnyvale auto body. Your car and your wallet will thank you.

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop