Da-Les Auto Body Prepares for Upcoming El Nino

With California’s drought shattering records and the parched state anxiously watching the skies for relief, it appears that the next El Nino will be comparable in impact to the one during the winter of 1997-1998, when downpours filled reservoirs and swelled rivers to flood stage and beyond. One of the primary drawbacks of this kind of weather is that it can be savage on people, houses and vehicles! Hail, mud, high winds, excessive rain and other weather-related problems can cause damage ranging from cosmetic in the case of hailstones to severe, if the same hailstone shatters a windshield.


Climatologists have been watching the developing El Nino system carefully, because of its potential impact on California and the rest of the world. According to the Mercury News, climatologists and weather scientists all over the planet are expecting this year’s El Nino to be comparable in scale to the one that gave San Francisco 47 inches of water in a single season, caused flooding in the Golden State and created drought conditions in parts of Asia and Australia. The article says that all the primary indicators are lining up to herald an El Nino not seen in 18 years. It may also have a direct impact on the prices of wheat and other staple goods, if the soaking California is predicted to receive is balanced with drought conditions elsewhere.

Auto Body Repair

For over forty years, Da-Les Auto Body has been helping the people of the San Jose and Sunnyvale areas keep their vehicles running and looking their best. Our lifetime warranty on repairs gives our clients peace of mind, while our great customer service keeps people coming back year after year and vehicle after vehicle. We’d like to keep that trend going, and that’s why we’re watching El Nino so closely.

To cope with an anticipated sharp increase in demand for our services, we’ve taken on three new employees. We are proud to welcome Maria Lair, Carlos Izbarra and Matthew to the Da-Les family. Each one of these professionals will have a unique and profound role in helping ensure all our clients get the great customer service they’ve come to expect from Da-Les, no matter what the weather does, and we’re very excited to introduce them to you, our friends and neighbors.

Maria Lair will be taking on a key role as our new administrative assistant. She will be helping us with the smooth functioning of our back-end operations, including making sure paperwork is where it needs to be and keeping our filing system functional and on track. This will help us continue to deliver the great customer service we’re known for and maintain our efficiency in communication with insurance carriers and clients.

Carlos Izbarra is joining us as our newest insurance estimator. This is the person who determines just how severe the damage is and translates that information into insurance-speak, so that you can get your vehicle repaired correctly the first time, every time, with less hassle. Carlos will be working with our insurance staff to help ensure that claims are filed in a timely fashion and that the reports the carriers need are filled out correctly. As such, he and the rest of our estimators are a vital part of our staff and the Da-Les client experience.


Finally we have Matthew, our newest parts technician. Part of Matthew’s job will be sourcing, procuring and storing the parts that we need to make sure your vehicle gets all the TLC you want it to have. Matthew’s assistance in making sure we have the right parts when we need them will help us keep our operations streamlined for the best possible experience for our customers.

We’re very excited to introduce our new family members to you, our friends and neighbors, and hope you’ll stop in and welcome them! No matter what the weather or the road throws at you and your vehicle, we at Da-Les are ready to help with repairs, painting and other body and performance issues. To find out more or to schedule an appointment for repairs, click here or call us at 408-337-8867.El Nino’s coming…and at Da-Les Auto Body, we’re ready to serve you

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop