Keeping your car in good shape
Da-Les Auto Body offers Helpful Automotive maintenance tips

Owning a car requires more than simply paying a monthly car note and insurance premiums. In order to keep your car in peak performance, maintenance tasks need to be performed at regular intervals.

For many owners who are not automobile mechanics, vehicle maintenance can be confusing and expensive. As a result, many owners defer vehicle maintenance services until it is absolutely necessary. This usually occurs after the car experiences problems. To schedule a no cost Auto Body Estimate please click here

Maintaining your automobile does not have to be a dreaded process. There are several tips that you can follow in order to keep your car running at peak performance.

  • Change your oil according to your owner’s manual.
  • Rotate your tires at regular intervals.
  • Use gasoline that is appropriate for your car.
  • Protect your ignition.
  • Align your wheels.
  • Change filters regularly.
  • Change your spark plugs.
  • Check your tire pressure.
  • Check the tread on your tires.
  • Wax your car’s exterior.

Oil Changes

Changing motor oil regularly is vital to the health of your automobile. Many owner’s manuals state that oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. For newer cars, the requirements may be different. However, it is advised to change your oil according to the specifications of the owner’s manual.

Tire Rotation

Tires are expensive, and owners want to take every available measure in order to maximize the life of the tires. It is recommended that tires get rotated every 6,000 -7,500 miles.

Buy Appropriate Gasoline

Every car owner wants to alleviate the financial pain at the pump. However, buying the cheapest gasoline at the expense of the overall health of your car is not the best route to take. Instead, owners should use only the recommended octane for their car types. Owners should also buy gas from reputable stations that do not add water to the gasoline.

Protect Your Car’s Ignition

The ignition switch in the car enables the car to start. If the owner has a lot of keys on the key chain, then the ignition can become damaged. It is a good idea to drive with only the car key in the ignition in order to prevent possible damage.

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment allows the life of your tires to be maximized and your car to handle the road properly. It is recommended that owners check for proper alignment every 30,000 miles.

Change Filters

Automobiles have oil, air, transmission fluid and fuel filters. These filters need to be changed at regular intervals in order to maintain proper engine function. Oil filters need to be changed at every oil change. Air filters are recommended to be changed every two months. Transmission fluid filters are recommended to be changed every 5,000 miles. Fuel filters need to be changed annually.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs affect engine performance, and they need to be changed according to your owner’s manual. Although the recommendation for older cars is for spark plugs to be changed every 30,000 miles, newer cars may be require the plugs to be changed every 100,000 miles.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

In order to get the most mileage out of your tires, the air pressure needs to be properly maintained. Use a tire gauge to check your tire pressure each month. If the pressure falls below the recommended pressure that is listed in your manual, then the tire should be inflated to meet the requirement.

Tire Tread

The tread on a car’s tire is important for road safety especially when roads are wet or icy. Tires should be replaced if the thickness of the tread falls below 1/16 of an inch. Tires that fall below the appropriate safety levels are dangerous to everyone who is traveling on the road.

Exterior Waxing

If you want to protect your car’s exterior against rust and oxidation, then you should wax your car frequently. Although there are many types of waxes available, experts recommend using high carnauba paste wax.

Caring for your car does not have to be a difficult task. If your goal is to drive your car for as long as possible, then it is important to follow these tips. Take care of your car, and your car will take care of you.


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