Da-Les Auto Body is a Hybrid-Certified Auto Body & Collision Repair Shop


Advanced hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius demand advanced training. To work on these vehicles safely and in accordance with manufacturer recommendations, one must understand what makes the next-generation hybrids different from their gasoline-burning cousins and how those differences make repairing a hybrid potentially dangerous. Because of this, Da-Les Auto Body is proud to be a member of the I-CAR Gold Class network of hybrid-certified auto body and collision shops. This unique certification system ensures that the technicians who work on your vehicle are trained to the highest manufacturer-compliant standards, giving you confidence that the repairs will be done right the first time.

Da-Les repair estimator Manny says, “It’s absolutely crucial in today’s environment to stay up to date with the latest in technology.” The specialized training received through the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair is designed specifically for collision experts, and is broken into modules that discuss the various safety and compliance issues involved in repairing hybrids like the Toyota Prius. There are a number of reasons why Da-Les technicians are required to take the I-CAR training course, including ensuring that our technicians have the ability to work on any automobile knowledgeably and safely. However, the single biggest reason is practicality: The Toyota Prius is the #1 hybrid vehicle we repair!

This isn’t particularly surprising, because the Toyota Prius remains the #1 bestselling hybrid in America. Hybrids require special care and attention during the repair process, largely because an inattentive or untrained technician can cause severe injury or death to himself or damage to the vehicle. Hybrid vehicles use special high-voltage systems for electric propulsion, which means these cars should never be worked on by novice technicians or “shade-tree” mechanics. Each vehicle, such as the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt, or the Tesla, have their own methods of bypassing the systems so they can be repaired safely.

The I-CAR training course is designed to not only solve these unique problems by giving manufacturer and model-specific information on how to work with these vehicles safely, but also convey information on the proper care and repair of alternative-fuel vehicles. Because the specific demands, hazards and risks inherent in working on this vehicle versus that one vary, having this kind of training makes the difference between a smooth and efficient repair job and a fried vehicle and possibly a fried technician! This is the key reason why Da-Les Auto Body participates in the I-CAR Gold Program and makes this training mandatory for every technician we employ.

Safety is always the top priority at Da-Les, followed closely by a great repair job. After all, your safety and that of our technicians has to be the focus, or a great repair job doesn’t mean much. Manny says,  “The I-CAR training program helps us maintain a higher standard of excellence, safety, and client confidence by making sure our people have the tools and knowledge they need to work on any kind of hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle, whenever and however they are damaged, and get them back on the road and looking great without compromising quality.”

Many collision repair shops pass the added expense of this kind of certification on to their customers, or say their technicians are “trained” when they really just watched a couple of YouTube videos and read the owners manual. At Da-Les, we back our promises with real, manufacturer-certified technicians who have taken the right classes and have the real-world skills and know-how to work on your hybrid. Unlike some of those other guys, we don’t charge extra for this type of repair, even though it takes extra knowledge and work to make it right.

Da-Les Auto Body has been serving the Sunnydale area for nearly 40 years. We haven’t achieved this milestone by making our customers pay extra money for our skills and expertise. In fact, many of our clients keep coming back to us, year after year and car after car, because they know the work will be done right the first time by technicians who really know and have the skill set to do the repairs properly. Learning how to safely and effectively repair hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and flex-fuel and alternative-fuel vehicles like trucks that run on natural gas is one more way we continue to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our clients and neighbors in Sunnydale and elsewhere. When your hybrid needs specialized TLC and repairs, don’t take it to just any collision shop. Bring it into Da-Les Auto Body and be sure you’re getting the best!

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop