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Da-Les Auto Body Explains the Auto Body Paint Process

No matter why it happened or who’s at fault, the aftermath of a car accident can be a frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming process. Not only is there the issue of getting treatment for any injuries you may have sustained, but also the repairs for your vehicle. It’s bad enough having been in an accident, but when your car comes out of the shop still looking like it’s been in an accident, that’s an entirely different level of frustration. Getting the car running right is only half the equation. It should look just as good as it did before the accident. Please call 408-734-3100 for assistance.

Da-Les Auto Body of Sunnyvale understands this. We’ve built a solid reputation spanning almost forty years on giving customers the best possible results at a reasonable price. One of the ways we do this is by constantly updating our technology, processes, and methods to make sure every detail is right the first time, every time. We know that cars that don’t look perfect when they leave probably won’t be back, so we’ve enlisted the best and most sophisticated restoration technology for the benefit of our customers.

staff at da-les painting a 2008 honda accord

Have you ever thought about what goes into the paint job on your car? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Most people look at their paint job and see a color, tint, or hue, and don’t think any further about it than that. After all, why should you? You picked out the car’s color at the dealership, and there’s really no reason to think about it much beyond that. However, even a relatively simple paint job involves several layers and possibly a blending of different shades of paint and even calculated introduction of impurities. This is why some paint jobs have a metallic luster, while others come out in varying degrees of pearl. There is also the base coat at the bottom and the finish coat at the end, that give the paint job its depth and make it “pop” when you look at it.


When you’re in an accident, it’s almost never just one coat of paint lost. Usually there are multiple layers chipped or damaged. The problem is that matching the factory finish precisely, especially when the fiberglass or metal is exposed, takes more than a can of spray paint and an afternoon in the driveway. A factory finish is usually proprietary, using special shades and application techniques, and if it’s not done right the first time, it will leave you with a very visible scar on your paint that will only get worse over time.

One of the many high-tech solutions we offer for cosmetic body work is computer-aided paint matching. In this process, the factory finish is analyzed both by eye and by computer. The paint is carefully mixed, sampled, and tested by both a human paint technician and computer analysis. This helps ensure an exact match between the factory paint and the repair work, so the end result is a vehicle that looks like it was never in an accident to begin with!

Damage to the Honda Odyssey

Don’t worry, this 2007 Honda Odyssey will get fixed by the best!


Only after the match is exact is the paint applied. Our paint bays are equipped with the latest and most sophisticated paint systems and sprayers on the market, but our biggest edge is and always has been the people who operate this equipment. Our painters are trained, experienced professionals who treat each part and car they work on not just like a job, but like a work of art. Because they take their work so seriously, they aren’t satisfied until every piece is just as perfect as the paint on their own vehicles.

Computer-aided paint booths and color matching enable us to help restore our customers’ vehicles to a pristine, just off the showroom floor shine and appearance. Because we can successfully duplicate just about any factory paint scheme, we can make your vehicle look and run just as great after an accident as it did before. Painting is near the end of the repair process. Each part is painted individually and then reassembled on the vehicle. Once the car has been put back together, a final polish is applied to bring out the like-new finish. Only then is the work completed.

If you’ve been in an accident and need to get your car back to looking and running its best, don’t take chances. Bring your car in to Da-Las Auto Body! We can work with nearly any insurance company to get your and your car back on the road at the speed of life.  Also, check out our latest yelp review!


This honda minivan is ready to roll

This Honda Minivan is ready to roll.

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