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Congratulations Santa Clara

Playing host to the Super Bowl is a title that only 10 cities can claim, and Santa Clara can join the list by hosting Super Bowl 50 in 2016. Construction is underway for the new Levi’s Stadium that is expected to hold 75,000 football fans when it is completed. Winning the opportunity to host the largest unofficial holiday in the country is an expensive venture, and some big names in Silicon Valley pitched in to make it happen.

Winning the Competition
Now that Santa Clara is officially named as host for Super Bowl 50, estimates of the economic impact are emerging. Cities that host the event typically experience an increase in business at hotels and restaurants, clothing boutiques, sightseeing tour operators, real estate agents, department stores and shops of all kinds.

The benefits to a community that hosts a Super Bowl come in many forms, including the opportunity to show others the excellent quality of life that we enjoy, and all of Santa Clara’s merchants are ready to welcome visitors. Estimates of the influx of cash reach hundreds of millions of dollars for host cities. Shop owners and residents graciously anticipate the arrival of guests from all areas of the country and from around the world.

Expert Auto Body
Visitors to Santa Clara are welcome to experience the quality auto repair work that residents have come to expect from Da-Les Auto Body. A trip to our spotlessly clean, first rate facility convinces new clients as well as long standing customers of the quality of our service. Our family owned business has served the area since 1978, and it is the only “certified green investment” shop in Sunnyvale. The Consumer Business Review has designated us as the top ranked collision repair shop for the last three years.

Our drive in bay allows clients to get a vehicle checked from top to bottom as well as underneath by our expert technicians who are the best in the business. Our shop features six frame racks equipped with the “Chief Velocity” laser measuring system that provides realtime feedback as the technicians check for alignment problems. Our state of the art diagnostic equipment ensures clients that even the smallest malfunction is detected and repaired.

Visitors Welcome
Visitors to the Super Bowl have enough time to get dents repaired or wheels aligned with our fast and efficient service. We are able to obtain parts for repairs within a couple of days, making it possible for a customer to drive a car home in better shape than it was on the way to the game. We assure each customer complete satisfaction, and we live by our motto that quality does still exist.

Attention to Detail
One entire area of our detail shop is devoted to buffing and polishing freshly painted panels. The fine application of the highest quality materials make the finish shine like new. Each repair gets a free detail so that each car we work on can leave the shop by satisfying our high standards. We clean the tires as well as the inside and the outside of each car, returning it to its owner with pride and satisfaction.

Superior Paint Jobs
Our paint shop makes cars look like showroom models for four main reasons:

• highest quality paint
• booths equipped with downdrafts of heated and filtered air
• manufacturer style oven
• expertise of our technicians

Many of the rules that apply to painting a room are equally important in painting a car. Most of the work is done during the preparation phase with stripping, removing dents, masking and making the surface perfect for receiving primer and many paint coats. Our professional painters have all of the equipment and expertise to produce a flawless finish that makes an owner proud to drive a car that we paint.

High Praise from Satisfied Customers
Some of our clients compliment us by saying that we are like plastic surgeons, and others appreciate our professional service. Excellent customer service is a key part of our success, and reviews at show that our clients appreciate it. Time after time, customers praise us for our many services:

• free estimates
• free rental cars
• free detail on every repair
• meeting time commitments
• no hidden charges
• excellent service at reasonable prices
• willingness to handle tough insurance claims

Our commitment to staying on budget and on time every time wins approval from our many satisfied customers. Visitors to Santa Clara for the Super Bowl are welcome to join residents in using our shop for auto body and paint work.

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop