Certified Green Investment Shop

Da-Les Auto Body, a Certified Green Investment shop based in Sunnyvale, CA, is in the process of organizing the celebration of its 35th year in business by launching a crusade to advocate greener practices in the business community. The Sunnyvale auto body shop, which also specializes in collision repair, caters to the Sunnyvale and San Jose regions by servicing both domestic and import automobiles.

Although the Consumer Business Review has awarded Da-Les Auto Body with the title of number one collision repair center for four years running, the facility is every bit as thrilled about the praise heaped upon them from the City of Sunnyvale in the form of an award for the company’s exceptional dedication to protecting the environment. Because they’re certified as a Green Investment shop and have specialized programs in place that focus on green practices, Da-Les Auto Body has gone public with their intention of reaching out to businesses within the community to advocate greener ways of doing things.

According to a spokesperson for Da-Les Auto Body, “Although our focus on quality has garnered our business a name among the most discerning of car hobbyists, we’re just as dedicated to the well-being of the community by always trying to aid other businesses in adopting green practices.”

The Sunnyvale auto body shop holds expertise in European, American and Japanese automobiles, providing services that include collision repair, detailing, dent repair, body repair and even paint jobs. The expert mechanics at Da-Les Auto Body pride themselves in using only the most cutting-edge equipment and techniques.

Using their convenient drive-in estimate bay, they’re able to elevate a car to inspect it for damage. They also pay special attention to hazardous emissions and spilled fluids and make sure they are disposed of properly and safely. Besides their six frame racks, they boast a laser measuring system that gives mechanics real-time information throughout the re-alignment process that helps them restore a car to pristine condition after an accident. Furthermore, their paint shop, which is isolated to prevent hazardous substances from escaping into the environment, possesses three booths that utilize filtered and heated air for the best paint job quality.

The company uses a high-tech matching system to make sure that the paint they use is identical to the car’s factory color. After the job is done, the paint is baked on to ensure a tough, top-quality coating in a way that is similar to the process used by auto manufacturers. Their detailing shop also includes two areas where the newly-painted surfaces are buffed to a brilliant luster before being delivered. They’ll even clean your vehicle’s interior and exterior, going so far as to clean and detail the tires.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Da-Les Auto Body will work with any insurance company to speed up the claims process. The company’s website provides a detailed explanation of the claims process, towing options, rental car information and more. “As our business turns 35, we intend to become as well-known for our green leadership in the business community as we are for our outstanding reputation for customer service and competitive pricing,” the spokesperson said.

I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop