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Back To School – Get your Vehicles Inspected!

Back To School – Get your vehicles inspected

With the school year upon us and summer fading away by the day, there are going to be more people on the roads again as everyone gets back to business. Parents, carpoolers and caretakers will be taking to the streets to drop off children for school. Additionally, teens will be driving their cars to school as well, many of them for the first time. At Da-Les Auto, we care about road safety and accident prevention. Back-to-school seems like an excellent time to ask, when was the last time you had your vehicle inspected for safety issues?

According to the State of California’s official numbers, over 6 million children enrolled in California schools for the 2013-2014 school year. This does not account for college students or children with special needs enrolled in private schools. When we add in these other categories, overall scholastic enrollment swells to around 9 million, roughly one in four California residents. This means a lot of new drivers on the roads, as well as heavier bus and carpool traffic around schools, colleges and universities. It also means vehicle safety becomes more crucial than ever.

We all know to check our brakes and tires and make sure they’re in good condition. But what about your blinkers, brake lights and other safety and warning devices? Most of us never think about them until we get pulled over or find ourselves in an accident. However, there is a quick and easy way to make sure your car is ready for whatever the road, your teen driver or the people around you may throw at you: a comprehensive vehicle safety inspection! For less than $100, you can go to a AAA-certified vehicle inspection center or Car Care Plus facility and get your vehicle a checkup from qualified, experienced technicians and mechanics to make sure every part of your vehicle is ready for the fresh challenges of a new school year.

Some of the things this inspection looks for include:

  • Windshield clarity and damage
  • Headlight aim and clarity
  • Brake, license plate and stop lights
  • Belts, hoses and lubricants
  • Coolant and electrical system checks including battery, radiator and other crucial components
  • Starter, ignition and fuel systems
  • Emissions components, exhaust system and emissions compliance check
  • Suspension, brakes and driveline components check
  • And much more!

Having regular vehicle safety inspections not only keeps your vehicle running better with a reduced chance of equipment failure or problems, but helps boost the resale value as well. Keeping the paperwork from these inspections lets others consider buying your vehicle with confidence, because it demonstrates you kept the vehicle in the best possible operating condition. For less than $.30 a day, you can keep your vehicle in great running condition and sell it for more when you’re done with it. Even better and more importantly, when you get behind the wheel you can do so knowing your vehicle is in top safety and driving trim.

Da-Les Auto Body is proud to be a AAA-certified inspection facility, as well as the only “Certified Green Investment” auto shop in Sunnyvale. The rigorous certification processes our business and technicians go through, coupled with nearly 40 years’ experience in the auto body and repair business, offers you confidence that when we do an inspection, undertake a repair or touch up your paint, you know it will be done the right way the first time, every time!

Back-to-school time is a great time to make sure everything in your vehicle is working right. It’s not only good for your vehicle, but makes the experience of dropping your kids off at school or handing over the keys to your eager new driver just a little less nerve-wracking. You can’t put a price tag on safety, but you can on an unsafe vehicle. Sadly, that price tag is often measured in injuries, lives, lost wages and litigation as well as the damage done to your or another person’s vehicle. Why risk it when for 1/10th of the price of a premium cup of coffee you can help prevent malfunctions that may lead to an accident?

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