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August Is Safety Awarness Month at Da-Les Auto Body



Loyal readers of our blog already know about Da-Les’s commitment to safety. With August and Safety Awareness Month right around the corner, we are pleased to once again demonstrate that commitment. This year, we’re bringing safety to our clients and friends with official Red Cross first aid kits to keep in your car, home or office. It’s our way of helping make sure you’re ready for whatever the road, or life, can throw at you! Keep it in your camper, emergency preparedness kit, or with you in the car just in case you or someone you care about should need it.

Getting your first aid kit is simple and absolutely free, and perhaps best of all, this is not a contest or sweepstakes! All you have to do is have your vehicle repaired at Da-Les during the month of August. Then tell us about your experience on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp as an example. It’s just that easy to receive your kit, which includes a first aid guide, bandages, tourniquets, a one-use breathing mask and much more! This kit includes just about anything you might need in an emergency situation for basic first-aid, CPR and wound dressing. All the contents are latex-free to help minimize the risk of allergic reactions, and are designed to help encompass most first aid and emergency needs.

Why The Red Cross Kit?

We chose the Red Cross first aid kit not only because of its comprehensive nature, but because no one knows first aid and emergency preparedness like the American Red Cross. Founded in 1881 by legendary Civil War nurse and educator Clara Barton, the American Red Cross began as an emergency aid organization for military personnel. Barton successfully lobbied the existing international chapters of the Red Cross to adopt the so-called “American Amendment,” offering disaster aid and relief efforts in peacetime as well. Barton led the Red Cross for 23 years, and from her leadership stemmed the seminal efforts of the organization.

Over time the Red Cross added veteran services and supplying trained medical personnel in wartime to its repertoire of first aid, public health and nursing initiatives, and safe drinking water campaigns. After World War II, the Red Cross began the first nationwide civilian-organized blood drives, adding HIV/AIDS awareness in the 1980s and 1990s as a result of the AIDS pandemic.

Today the Red Cross continues to aid military and civilian families all over the world, in peace and war, through famine, drought, natural disasters and manmade catastrophes. As it has been throughout its history, the Red Cross is a volunteer and donor-driven organization whose members assist with health education and awareness, humanitarian aid and assistance and hometown health and safety programs. This global reach and scope has made the American Red Cross one of the best-known and most celebrated charitable organizations in the world for over a century. For more information about the Red Cross or how you can get involved, click here!


Why The Focus On Safety?

There is an old saying: “Accidents hurt. Safety doesn’t.” At Da-Les Auto Body we believe that by encouraging safe and smart practices on the road and elsewhere, the odds of needing our services for your vehicle are greatly reduced. Besides, there is never a wrong place to practice good safety habits and awareness. On average accidents in the American home, theoretically the safest place in the world for us, cause an annual 20,000 deaths and as many as 20 million emergency rooms visits. Add this to the hazards of the road and your workplace and it quickly becomes clear why safety is such a priority for us.

If there’s one thing we at Da-Les know, it’s that fixing a broken vehicle is a lot easier than fixing a broken person.
During August, we would also like to encourage the public to participate in this local blood drive. To learn more or claim your free first aid kit, check out our social media accounts. And remember, August is Safety Awareness Month, but practicing safety awareness all year long can keep you and your family healthy and happy!


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