2010 Toyota Truck Going Through A Major Auto Body Repair



Our journey begins with this 2010 Toyota truck. The owner found us Online.  Manny, our lead estimator met with the owner of  this Toyota Truck, and after a quick visual inspection, frame damage was detected.  Frame damage is nearly impossible to fix, in most cases the entire frame has to be replaced.








The truck took some frame damage from a rear end collision.  Three shops turned down this job, but not at Da-Les.  Just bring it!  Being a full service Auto Body Shop In Sunnyvale, CA. We have worked on every car and truck that you can imagine, we’ve been in business now for 35 years.








After a quick visual inspection, the truck get’s placed on the racks for a detailed inspection, then a detailed estimate gets generated right away.










Project Toyota Truck Begins!   The cab and bed first get removed.  Most people will never see this part of a car,   the engine, frame, and wheels are only left.







 At this point, 1 out of every 10 Auto Body Shops are capable of this kind of high level repair.  In this stage, the engine has been removed.  The damaged frame and suspension parts are only left.






 The Toyota’s engine sitting pretty waiting for the new frame to arrive.  Toyota Truck engines are very expensive, the engine and transmission pictured here cost on average $12000.










The new Toyota truck frame arrives.  The crew at Da-Les snap into action.








The new frame is on, the engine has been re-installed.  This Toyota will be better than new in no time.








The cab of the truck is slowly being lowered back on to the new frame.  This is the exact same way the Toyota Manufactures use.  All the repair techniques used at Da-Les Auto Body are all factory approved, and often exceeds the manufacturing standards.









Remember this truck?  It’s back to pre-accident condition.  The new frame is on, and the truck is running better than ever.








At De-Las Auto Body, we detail every car after a repair, a $300 value at no additional cost.  All repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty.








And now it’s time for the Toyota to hit the road.   We hope you enjoyed this presentation, this is a example of a very extreme auto body repair.  After 35 years, we’ve seen it all.  We have very competitive prices, the absolute highest quality standards, and all repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty.


I-car gold class Da-Les Auto Body is a ASE Certified Auto Body Shop